Atreveldehogeschool (AUC)

Artevelde University College (AUC) is a knowledge centre for education, research and services, where students, collaborators and strategic partners cooperate in a stimulating environment ( AUC offers a variety of programmes in the fields of teacher education, management and communication, health care and social work. Artevelde University College is one of the largest universities for professional education in Belgium and by far the largest provider of teacher education in the country. The teacher trainer departments of AUC have large national networks in the field of education. AUC harbors an active research community working in five thematic fields, one of which is 'Educational Innovation and Youth Culture'. Since 2003 (following the Higher Education Act of the Flemish government), the Artevelde University College is a member of the Ghent University Association. As member of this association, the University College emphasizes the importance of the intercultural dialogue and the democratisation of internationalisation which will stimulate the international networking between institutions and practice and will enhance the international dimension in education, mobility, research and innovation in regard to ensure the best quality within the organisation. AUC is an active member of several international networks, such as NAFSA (Association of international Educators), EAIE (European Association for International Education), EURASHE (European Association of Institutions in Higher Education), Comenius Association, VELON-VELOV.